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I have learned not to pray for the specific, but instead to pray for Christ example in thought, love in life, being in God. Then the “Bouleversement” can occur.
-Grey T. Full

Are you praying for something specific?   It’s not wrong, but you could be limiting yourself.   

A higher prayer is to pray for Christ’s will in your life, or for his love in your heart….

If we pray for God’s way that blesses not just you, but everyone. That’s where you can embody the French word “Bouleversement,” which means to up-end or overturn.

Pray on a higher level and transform the world!


Poem: A Devout Lover by Thomas Randolph

I have a mistress, for perfections rare

In every eye, but in my thoughts most fair.

Like tapers on the altar shine her eyes;

Her breath is the perfume of sacrifice;

And wheresoe’er my fancy would begin,

Still her perfection lets religion in.

We sit and talk, and kiss away the hours

As chastely as the morning dews kiss flowers:

I touch her, like my beads, with devout care,

And come unto my courtship as my prayer

- Thomas Randolph


Thomas Randolph (15 June 1605 – March 1635) was an English poet and dramatist. He was born at Newnham, England to William and Elizabeth Randolph. Thomas was awarded Master of Arts in 1631, and became a major fellow of his college in the same year. He wrote epitaphs for people close to the family when he was 16. Thomas was one of the most popular playwrights of his time and was expected to become Poet Laureate after Ben Johnson. It was his untimely death at age of 29, two years before Johnson’s death, that prevented this. His famous printed works are “Aristippus”, “Or”, “The Joviall Philosopher. Presented in a private shew”, “To which is added”, and “The Conceited Pedlar”.


Clothes, Kitchen and A Car: More Ways To Be Peaceful

During these challenging economic times, there are opportunities.   Now there are many more ways to appreciate what we have in life.  There is something about being grateful for what we already have – quite a humbling sense – that actually fills us with peace. Losing jobs, income or savings impels us to take a closer look at our spending of money and time.  We focus less on accumulation.   We  increase our gratitude for what we have, and we simplify.   Clear, simple living also bring us peace and true contentedness.   The result is often that we have less negative impact on our earth, and spend our time in more positive, enriching ways. Here are some ideas about how to live a more simpler, more appreciative life….It’s the Clothes, Kitchen and Car philosophy.   Enjoy and increase the peace.   1.  Clothes:   A Close Collaboration This is a tough one, especially for the ladies.   What if we walked into our closet and we only had our favorites? That you absolutely loved every piece.  In the early 1990s, the average amount of ensembles women owned was 6.  Six outfits!   Here, we can pare down.  If you wear something once per year, might it be better used by someone else who would wear it once per week? Be aggressive with yourself. If you do buy something, give away two pieces.  When you are in store, really think about how much you love this new possibility.  Because what the sales, marketing and stores don’t tell you is that these clothes can last a really long time!  Some of my best pants and suits are from Banana Republic and I have had them 10 years.   Buy classics.  They stay in,  and they can be mixed and matched with so much else. Which leads me to fashion.  When you see a new trend, study it. Look at the models and how they wear it. Then enourage yourself to be creative.  How could you recreate this from your warddrobe? Further, how can you push yourself to make up new ensembles with your existing wardrobe?  Force your clothes to collaborate!  I always thought about my brown boots being paired with two skirts I had. But then, I started wearing them with three different pants, cream, charcoal and brown.  It made a fun difference and I felt I had a new pair of boots!   2. Kitchen:  Don’t Kill Your Bags I  haven’t bought Ziploc plastic bags in two years. Maybe three. Plastic bags can be washed out and used again and again. And again.  They are so sturdy; it takes them months to rip.  So reuse. Plastic bags also come to you in different forms. Think about the plastic bag your recent bread of loaf came in.  Why can’t we use it to keep food fresh, or transport and apple in your purse?  Reuse these bags from the food you’ve already purchased. The same goes for tinfoil.  Wash it down with water and soap, fold it well, and it stays for months.   If you are careful with it, it’s really hard to rip and will serve you again and again. And again. Not only are you saving the earth from having t reabsorb these items which are difficult to break down, but you are saving money and weighing yourself down less at the grocery store.   So don’t kill your bags by throwing them away and building up more landfill.   If you have to use them, keep them alive and reuse, reuse, reuse.   3. Car: Love Your Footprint More than Your Car Tread Love your footprint more than your car.  Try not to drive. That’s what I try to do.  Try not to use it.  I think it’s been about a year since I drove in San Francisco. I try to walk everywhere. I don’t join a gym – and save money because I walk the hills of San Francisco to work; I walk and carry my groceries from the store. I don’t pay parking fees. I don’t get parking tickets. I pay very, very little for gas. I save the environment. And my favorite, I connect with and get to know the community by traveling in different ways and routes. Some of the routes I do stick with for awhile, connecting with and saying hello to people that I do see on a regular basis, such as hotel doormen.  It’s a nice way to be a part of the community. So on cars… Try not to.   If you can. The earth loves our foot print more than our car tread.   What’s so wonderful about Clothes,  Kitchen and a Car — is that it helps you and the community. It saves time (less time shopping for clothes and plastic bags/tinfoil, and more time being with people).   It saves money (gym memberships, gas,  parking fees). And it saves our environment. Less landfill, less recycling, less impact. All of which leads to a simpler life. We should be spending as much time as we can on what we love to do, and the people you love to be with, rather than accumulating  more things. Or spending time accumulating more things.  Increased clarity, peace and simplicity. Clothes, Kitchen and A Car allows us to focus more on what matters.  Peace is at hand.  Try it and let me know what you think, as well as your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!   Pamela

We can’t afford to think that tribalism is a problem that exists somewhere else. It is in our own backyards

“We can’t afford to think that tribalism is a problem that exists somewhere else.  It is in our own backyards, and needs to be healed there.”

Tribalism isn’t an ancient practice.  And it’s not obsolete — yet.  But you can be a part of making tribalism nonexistent.

Examine your day, your thoughts, your relationships. Where are you participating in an exclusive group?  It could be formal — or in your mind. It could a judgment about someone else that separates them away from you.

But we cannot be separated.   Remove yourself from your tribe, and embrace all in borderless love.

“If You Can’t Fly, Run. If You Can’t Run, Walk.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“If you can’t fly, run.
If you can’t run, walk.
If you can’t walk, crawl.
But by all means, keep moving.”

 - Martin Luther King, Jr.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t be held back. You consistently pursue your vision, regardless of what you are thrown.  If anyone tells me it can’t be done, or it will slow things down, I understand that may be the case. Yet at the same time, we must relentlessly, and with positive attitudes, pursue.

We push ourselves to think more creatively. We use the resources we have and express gratitude. We believe we can do it, we inspire others to join us, and do the best we can.

But we don’t stop.

One of the ways I finish a marathon is the following:

“If I took the last step, then I take the next step.  The only reason I wouldn’t take that step is if I told to myself to stop.”

Keep going, and you will achieve your vision.

Reader, I believe in you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or faced with any challenges in life, take the next step. Yes, you can.